Why Are Health And Safety Essential For a Contractor Estimator?


Health and safety are relatively important and necessary for every other contractor estimator, schedular, labor, etc. In construction. It is a major concern around all over the UK’s industries. It is quite evident that the construction fields are quite vast and contains a higher number of employees that includes contractors, subcontractors, estimators who perform construction estimating, and several other employees. All of them expect to have a greater number of industry-related fatalities. It makes fatalities acceptable and remains around the number of deaths with the number of industrial employees.

The construction industry generally employs 5% of the UK’s workers and have a sector that accounts for 10% of major injuries and fatal worker injuries every year. Following are the few major problems that get noticed.

High-Risk Workplace, High-Risk Work

There are different aspects of construction, either demolition, refurbishment, roadworks, building, construction sites, that present risks way much beyond other industrial workplaces. There are no certain workplaces with zero risks and no major difference between the risks presented at a construction worker’s place. Comparatively, it also involves a finance or retail worker’s workplace.

Dangerous Facts Of On-Site Dangers

It is very risky to present at different Contractor sites documented with other workers to work on construction sites. It is generally noted that a construction site runs through a comprehensive company with less amount of risk, and these corporations afford greatly with a greater number of budgets due to the health and safety measures and practices. Different schedulers who perform CPM Scheduling services and belong to smaller companies or smaller sites suffer the same pain.

Below are the different risk factors while working on a construction site.

Working At Height

It is one of the main factors that cause half of the construction sectors to die and includes the risk of working or scaffolding and a construction site activity as a major risk factor.

Moving Vehicles

Separating a construction plant from pedestrians and workers is relatively quick and simple to erect safety barriers to separate construction plant from pedestrians and workers. It also involves traffic from the roadside construction workers and proves more than 20 deaths in the last five years.

Equipment And Tools

Equipment and tools deal with the trouble on Contractor site and involve wear and tear from the faulty and dangerous ways. It also involves a relatively small piece of equipment with a handheld screwdriver that can easily cause real injury and death.

What Are The Main Preventives, Not Problems?

Addressing different problems isn’t vital to protect personnel and is important for construction companies. Health is a priority, and safety is essential for different workers to manage productivity and profitability implications. Following are the risks mention for the different construction companies or those who provide electrical estimating services to different contractors.

  • Banned from working due to the issue of prohibition notices
  • Fined by the health and safety executive
  • Sued for accidents, death, disability and injury

Prosecuted and gets convicted for the negligence

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