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Ways To Renovate Your Home With Limited Money

How can you renovate your house if you are short on funds? A full-scale renovation is an expensive process. It needs a lot of time, money, expertise, and patience. The rule of thumb for renovating houses is putting down 5-10% of the purchase price for the renovation expense.

However, not everyone can afford such a large sum of money. The simplest option is to divide the renovation process into priority groups and determine what is most vital and can’t wait until you can secure the necessary finances. Then make a renovation plan, so you know exactly how you’re going to proceed.

Renovation plan implementation can be tedious and tricky if you don’t know where to start. The first step in implementing a renovation plan is being resourceful with what you currently have. The more resources you have, the easier it will be to acquire material that would add more value than what they cost you.

Both homeowners and real estate investors want to keep renovation costs as low as feasible. Because they only want to spend the amount that will entice a buyer to agree to purchase a home. Although it might seem impossible, this article tells you how to renovate your house with no money at all!

Deep Clean:

A deep clean of the home’s interior and exterior is the preliminary step in the renovation process. It helps you better analyze what needs to be repaired or replaced. You can do this yourself by being resourceful about the right cleaning material that you might need to get the work done.

Repainting and Replacing the Windows:

You may repaint the windows to add freshness, neatness, and character to the house. Or you may replace them. Replacement of windows is as tricky as repainting them. It is advised to hire professionals for this job.

Suppose you reside in a place where you face extreme weather conditions like Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Chester, or other places in Virginia. In that case, even a tornado can cause structural damage to your home, or you might get a crack in your windows. Under such circumstances, renovating a property becomes challenging. It will help if you research possible places to source budget-friendly replacement places and complement your renovation plan. And if you are a resident of Colonial Heights, simply google “window glass replacement colonial heights va,” you will get multiple budget-friendly options on your screen.

Moreover, you don’t need to change the entire window frame; you may only go for the glass replacement as it adds sparkle and grace to the place. Consult people that can help you. If we consider the same example above, you can consult a friend, carpenter, and even family to give you suggestions. It is better to ask someone who is a resident of the area and has good exposure to local businesses.


Don’t neglect the exterior landscaping of the house. You can easily do this by buying inexpensive items like shrubs, flowers, new rocks, etc. Make the exterior look neat and ready for moving in.

Front Door:

There is no need to change the house’s front door in the renovation process until and unless it isn’t in a good enough condition. You can repaint the front door with any color that you think complements the exterior and interior paint job. Look for special items to add to the door to make it stand out.

Repainting The Exterior:

Repainting the exterior is the most necessary expense, and it reflects the overall renovation of the house. It is the first thing the buyers see when they come in and the last thing they see when they leave. Invest early on in painting the house’s exterior rather than spending a large amount of money catering to the interiors. Ensure the color complements the theme you have planned to proceed with in the renovation plan.

Replacing Cabinet Hardware:

It is better to replace all pull and handle cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and the bath. Basic human psychology states that if the hardware of the cabinets or drawers is new, people will be led to believe that the cabinets are new.

Kitchen Cabinets and Appliances:

Refinish and repaint the existing cabinets so that they are complementary to the theme of the house. You can give them a shabby and chic look by using the right type of sanding and paint. Kitchen appliances should not be prioritized for replacement during renovations, especially if money is short. If a deep cleaning doesn’t bring the shine back, try repainting or recoating them in faux stainless-steel film.

Peel and Stick Countertops:

New countertops are expensive and should be avoided during tight-budgeted house renovations. However, suppose you don’t have any choice. In that case, you may choose from the plethora of peel and stick self-adhesive paper for countertops available online. They are competitively priced, incredibly real-looking, and cheap to install new countertops.

Peel and Stick Vinyl Flooring:

Today’s vinyl flooring is inexpensive, attractive, and easy to install. You may use the modern peel and stick vinyl flooring to cover dated vinyl floors.

Upgrading the Bathroom:

Upgrading sink and shower fixtures must be a priority in the renovation plan as they indicate the overall hygiene of the house. Old fixtures are a telltale of a dated home. Replacing a bathtub is pricy and improper installation can lead to more damage than good. The best alternative is to have the surface of the tub reglazed.

Light Fixtures:

Giving dated light fixtures a modern touch is one of the best investments for remodeling. There is no need to buy new ones; you can repaint them with darker colors. Exposed light bulbs are gaining popularity; try incorporating them into the light fixtures of your house.

Final Thoughts:

Renovation of space gives it a new beginning and is essential, especially for flippers. Even when you are short on budget, make sure that you use modes of remodeling that make the final product look chic and not cheap. There are many more ways to renovate your house, including adding indoor and outdoor plants, art, DIY rugs, etc. These add a personal touch to the place and evoke positive emotions in the buyer. Remodeling a house is as much an art as sculpturing, painting, crafting, etc. It deserves an equal amount of attention and recognition.

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