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Six Reasons to Love Open Floor Plans

An open floor plan is a layout where you merge two or more parts of a traditional house like the living room, dining room and kitchen to widen the space to meet your family’s needs. Therefore, regardless of what you might have assumed, open floor plans do not mean that you won’t have any rooms or walls in the house. In open structure plans, the roof’s weight is supported by heavy-duty beams as opposed to walls and doors.

The open floor plan is often a major preference for prospective buyers and homeowners. In fact, this trend has become a must-have part of most modern house remodeling projects. Such a layout can give your house a complete transformation.

If you have been dreaming about having an open floor plan in your house, there is no better time than now as they are in great demand these days. However, make sure you have taken care of your belongings before starting your renovation project since creating an open floor plan will require a complete overhaul of your house, and major spaces will be under construction. Therefore, belongings are often at the risk of getting damaged if you start the project with a full house.

How to protect your stuff while transforming your house into an open floor plan?

A practical way to take care of your belongings is by keeping them in a storage facility near your house. Search online about any major storage business that might have a branch in your city. For instance, BTA is a major storage service provider that offers its services in many cities. So you may type the name of this company and your city to see if they have their presence. Search ‘bta storage royse city’ if you live in Royse City. The same goes for other areas. Once you have decided about the safekeeping of your belongings, you can comfortably focus on your home renovation plan.

Now that you know where you will keep your belongings, let’s see why an open floor plan is a lovely layout for your house.

Create a Clear View and Smooth Flow

Once you drop some walls and hurdles in the house and adopt a more open layout, it creates a clear and unobstructed view. Interestingly, this plan also makes your home look more spacious. Suddenly, you might feel that you have more space to walk freely by removing structures that hinder the flow of your house.

Allow Unimpeded Natural Light in The House

With fewer obstructions blocking the light, whether natural or artificial, your house looks brighter. In the case of natural light, you can take maximum advantage of it during the day when it illuminates the home unimpeded. You may also feel that the atmosphere of the whole house has significantly changed with more natural light as it is often associated with improved productivity, calmness, health, and well-being. Natural light also boosts your immune system.

Additionally, open floor concepts also improve the view available through your windows, offering you ample opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape outside.

Offer More Space for House Parties

If you are a party animal, you might like open floor plans more than others. By merging the kitchen, living, and dining rooms, you get more space for your guests to move and enjoy their time in your house. Hosting dinner parties and entertaining your family and friends during the holiday season can be pretty overwhelming. On top of that, a restricted space can make the matter worse as everyone might be calling you from different directions. So, for such families, open floor plans are ideal. You can also serve food and drinks in a much more organized way compared to when your house was caged with walls everywhere. Without walls and doors, you can also attend to your guests and respond to their calls much quickly. 

Makes Rearrangement of Your Belongings Much Easier

As time passes, it is possible for homeowners to get bored with the same arrangement. But traditional houses may not offer you many choices to be flexible in your arrangements. On the contrary, with an open floor plan, you have more options to rearrange your belongings in the house. For instance, you can change the place of your dining table after a few months to create a temporary change in the house. The same goes for your sitting room arrangement. You can easily do this as there are no more hard boundaries, for that matter.

Perfect for Busy Modern Houses

One characteristic of modern families is that they are too busy with their life activities and often find no time to spend with each other. Dinnertime or breakfast might be the only hours of the day when they meet and socialize. For such families, kitchens are much more than a place to cook; instead, it symbolizes family reunion, a place to hang out and spend time together.

Open floor plans offer them enough space to spend quality time and hold discussions. Moreover, you have ample space to move around and cook together. On the contrary, these activities are not possible with a traditional kitchen because it is constrained from all sides.

A Practical Choice for Families With Kids

An open floor plan works better for families with kids too. As the kids grow and develop their own corners, keeping an eye on them can be very challenging. On the contrary, parents must know what they are doing during their learning and growing age. With an open floor plan, your kids are under your watchful eyes whether you are cooking or working on your computer. In comparison, traditional designs section off kitchen and living room, taking your kids further away from your eyes.


Open floor plans are becoming very popular because of the various benefits to homeowners. They make your life smoother and your smaller space more practical. Open floor plans are not limited to merging kitchen, dining, and living area only; you can also unify the dining room and living room or kitchen and dining room. With many options of creating an open floor plan, you can opt for the more practical and suitable option for your family’s needs.

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