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Renting Your Home – 8 Maintenance Tasks To Focus On Today!

You own an extra home in the city. You have always wanted to rent out this property for additional income. But your laziness and lack of knowledge prevent you from doing that. The following section talks about a few areas of repair and maintenance that you should pay attention to right away if you are looking to rent out your property. These tasks don’t only add more value to your home but eventually fetch you a handsome amount as rent as well. Let’s start:

Start By Cleaning Your Doors And Windows

The doors and windows of your house are often some of the areas that are left neglected. If you look closely, you will find that dust, dirt, grime, and cobwebs have found a permanent home on your doors and windows. This is to say that you should take out your cleaning mop and get on with your business. Remember to wipe them nicely and get rid of all the dust and dirt immediately. If your windows need any new treatment or reinstatement, do not delay this at all. Your door hinges may require a bit of oiling and lubrication too. 

Let’s Have A Look At Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is one of the most complex appliances that you own. It can create problems for you if you don’t take care of it regularly. The condenser coil of your fridge is located on the back of it. In some models, it might be located across the bottom. These coils are very prone to dust accumulation. If you have had any pets in your house, get ready to find pet hair along with cobwebs on these condenser coils. The point is that you might want to include a few appliances as well in the property when you finally rent it out. But you cannot do that unless they work without any hiccups. Make sure that none of the electronic items that you want to rent with the property cause any hazards to the potential tenants.

Clean Up Your Bathroom Walls

You recently had the entire bathroom redone. You have had the walls all covered with your favorite tiles. But this is where the problem is. Tiles do get dirty over time and require a thorough cleaning periodically and regularly. You will have to stock up on a few supplies such as scrubs, brushes, cleaning solutions, and bleach to make sure that your bathroom tiles are sparkling clean. You cannot even invite a potential tenant to have a look at your property without ensuring that your bathroom is absolutely clean odor-free.

Let’s Unclog The Sinks

You will have to have a closer look at all the sinks across your property. Begin with your common bathrooms and then move on to your kitchen. Have a look at all the pipes and the entire drainage system to make sure that none of them have any debris causing any kind of blockage. Contact your nearest dependable plumber for a quick assessment of your plumbing and make sure that none of the pipes is rusted or dysfunctional. Remember, any unexpected blockage in any of your pipes can cause water backflow which is not going to be a pretty sight to behold.

Your Garage Might Need A Facelift

Your garage is one of the most critical areas on your property. It is also one of those spots that you haven’t been taking care of for a long time. You just ignore the noisy hinges. You also take the broken glass pane lightly. This is not right because a compromised garage can lead to the entire house being prone to burglary and all kinds of anti-social elements breaking in. Your garage door may have corroded due to extreme weather conditions and that is why it makes such a loud creaking noise. Have a look at the floor and you will notice a lot of areas that are chipped and broken. It is vital to get your garage back in shape before you rent out your house.

Check Your Solar Panels Regularly

Several homeowners in the city have grown quite aware of the environment and constantly look for ways they can contribute to preserving it. You too were among the first families to get a solar panel system installed on your roof. But this is not the end. You will have to take care of those panels regularly and make sure that no birds or other small creatures have found a home in their crevices and edges. Make sure to clean those panels with a soft cotton cloth. Prevent any foliage or branches from reaching the solar panels and obstructing the sun at all costs. If you find any nest or settlements close to your solar panels, make sure that you transfer them to a safer place before you set up a protective parameter around them.

Let’s Do A Bit Of Landscaping

Get in touch with a dependable pruning service on time. This will make sure that all the trees and foliage that surrounds your property are regularly trimmed and controlled before they can cause any heavy damage to your house. You might have a few vines crawling outside your apartment. You might have a few old trees whose branches have reached your foundation wall. It’s time to chop them off and limit their growth so that they do not interfere with the structure of your property and cause irreparable damage.

What About Your Roof?

Never forget roof damage. If you have had any water clogging issues in the past or any such problems that may have resulted in the excessive dampening of your walls and floor, it must have impacted your roof as well. Get in touch with a dependable roofing company and have your roof assessed before you list your property for rent.

Let’s Rent It Out

You have carried out all these tasks carefully. You have proved that you are a responsible homeowner. Now the next step is to flaunt your revamped property to your potential tenants. Let’s rent it out.

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