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A cookie is known as a file that contains identifiers. These identifiers are a string of letters that are sent by a web server to your web browser. And these are stored in your web browser. All identifiers are sent back to the web server when you request a page from the website. There are two types of cookies: persistent cookies and sessions cookies.

Persistent cookies are stored in your browser and expire after a valid date. On the other hand, session cookies expire right after the termination of your session on the website. Generally, cookies do not contain any personal information of the user. But your personal information may link with cookies in your web browser.

When you use our Site, then you show consent on working of cookies and sharing of data that is captured by Google and third-party partners. If you want to view, delete, or add interest categories that run through your browser, then you can visit And if you want to remain outside of network cookie mechanism, then you must visit However, these network cookie mechanisms also use cookies. That’s why you must not clear your browser cache. Otherwise, your setting will remain the same.

For European economic area residents

If you live in the European economic area, then according to GDPR and data protection laws, you have rights. These rights allow you to access your personal data, erase your personal data, and restrict your personal data for further processing.

If you intend to access your personal data maintained by our advertising partners and us, then contact info{at}

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Our cookie policy

We comply with European Union Legislation. Therefore, we inform you about a tiny file called a cookie that stores your preference information in your computer.

A cookie is a small packet of data that a website puts in your browser. That data stores your actions and preferences over time.

You are allowed to delete cookies on your browser or set functionality never to store cookies in your device. For that, you need to adjust settings in your browser manually.

Almost every browser stores cookies. But you can decline to store cookies. You can visit for further instructions and details about cookies.

We use cookies to:

  • To identify you as a user who has returned.
  • To count your visits to our statistical analysis.
  • To suggest you regarding your recent searches.
  • To track your consent about storing cookies on your browser.

You can decline cookies as you wish. However, enabling cookies will provide you with a better browsing experience.

We do not use cookies to identify you. And we do not use cookies for any other purpose.

Moreover, there are also some other types of cookies stored in your web browser. These cookies gather some extra information,

We use Google Analytics for analyzing traffic. It is a powerful tool that provides us with metrics on how visitors use our website. Google Analytics uses the information generated by cookies that also include your IP address. Other third parties use data from Google to incorporate it into creating better web strategies.

Google does not associate any other data with your IP address.

Third-party advertising

We serve you ads from third parties when you visit our website. These third parties store your information on for providing you with relevant ads about products and services.

These third parties use cookies and identifiers in order to gather information about the effectiveness of advertisement strategy. However, this information is not personally identifiable. If it happens to be personally identifiable information, then you may have provided them with this information through email message or ad.

Information gathered by third-party advertisers

Advertisers learn about you through cookies. These cookies tell them what ads did you see, click, and perform an action on our website and other websites. This information helps advertisers to present you with relevant ads that may interest you. For example, third party advertisers provide you with relevant ads according to your interest. But these ads may not be repeated on all affiliated sites.

We do not provide any personal information of users to advertisers. However, advertisers learn your behaviour through your clicks on the internet. Moreover, your demographic situation also plays an essential role in the placement of ads in front of you on our website. For example, residents of Asia Pacific prefer to read a certain type of articles. If you are from the Asia Pacific, then it is a fair chance that you will see a similar advertisement on your screen.

If you want to restrict advertisement for your browsing, then you can contact Network Advertisement Initiate.

You can also choose to put yourself out of the affiliated advertisement. In that case, you will still receive advertisements. But this advertisement will not be based on cookies-based technology.

Types and purposes of collection

For facilitating our customers, we gather information at different points. We collect non-personal information without your knowledge when you visit our website. This information includes your IP address, location data, and referring website.

We use this information to analyze our traffic and other metrics. However, this information does not identify you personally.

You can ask us to tell you about every cookie sent by your computer. Moreover, you can also disallow cookies. However, in that case, your experience on our website will become limited. You may not access all options on our website.

Sharing information

Our collected information is never sold, rented, or disclosed to outside parties. However, we save and share collected information in the following cases.

  • We share information with affiliated service providers in order to fulfil our agreements with them. For example, if you purchase from us, then we have to share your credit card information with service providers in order to complete the transaction. However, all administrative providers that we share your information follow data protection laws and have the same level of privacy.

  • We share information as required by the law. If government authorities ask us to provide information bound by law, then we oblige with the demand according to the legal requirements.

  • We do not share your personal information in any case. However, we share your non-personal information and aggregated information to third parties for statistical analysis.

  • We can share or transfer your personal information during the change of ownership of the website or any merger.

Choices and how to opt-out of interest-based advertisements

  • We are a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). And we follow the Digital Advertising Alliance DAA Principles. So, we provide you with interest-based advertisements that use cookies-based technology.

You can opt-out from interest-based advertisements by following the procedure on NAIis opt-out page or DAAis consumer choice page.