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Moving Made Easier – 7 Tips You Should Know

Moving from your current destination to a new one is part of life. There can be many reasons for changing one’s residential area.

A major job switch may require you to move to a new town or city. Or perhaps, you have decided to stretch your wings and explore new career opportunities.

Some people dream of moving to Washington, giving them proximity to key monuments, parks, hiking destinations, and water activities. We’re talking about Bonney Lake.

One thing is certain: leaving behind your old home and moving to a new place is notoriously stressful. The simple task of packing can take its toll on even the best planners.

One of the first aspects of moving relies on planning. You must plan every step to ensure you’re not leaving things behind and storing stuff that is precious to you.  

With that said, here are seven tips to help you plan your next move efficiently.

Leverage Storage Units

Moving to Bonney Lake is exciting, isn’t it? But things could go wrong if you don’t have a storage facility to store your stuff while driving to prevent damage.

There’s an easy way to get around this. Once you’re in Bonney Lake, type in Bonney Lake storage on Google to find reliable storage spaces in your area.

Storing your important stuff ahead of time at a self-storage unit is an excellent idea.

It can relieve you of the stress of deciding the exact move-in date.

The storage will be readily available before and after moving. Leveraging self-storage units gives you full flexibility on your time.

When you have important stuff stored before time, you can organize your resources better. It will prevent having to throw everything in cardboard boxes at the last minute. Self-storage units make the process of packing more manageable.

Create a Timetable/Schedule

Nothing is more dreadful than realizing the move-in date is now closer than you thought it would be.

It is natural to panic and stuff everything in the boxes at the last hour in that scenario. However, by creating a timetable, you can avoid that.

Setting exact times and dates for packing and planning can be a major stress reliever. You will avoid the last-minute scramble and keep yourself relaxed.

You should start scheduling at least a month before the expected dates for best practice.

Purchase Quality Packing Boxes

From clothes to delicate silverware, you will be packing nearly all of the stuff. Nothing is more agonizing than to spot a hole or tear in a box that contains essential items.

The only way to avoid such a scenario would be to purchase quality packing boxes. Make sure that your packing boxes are made up of sturdy material. You can easily find them in stores nearby.

Make an Inventory

While packing your stuff, you will find out that there are objects of varying sizes. It might be possible to adjust many clothes in one large box. However, packing cutlery or breakable objects requires special care.

The best way to handle the situation is to make an inventory that will separate the breakables from non-breakables.

You can use this inventory to purchase boxes of different sizes to pack your luggage appropriately.

Choose Appropriate Sizing

You will want to avoid packing delicate objects in larger boxes. Similarly, it would make your job harder to pack your clothes in smaller ones.

For the best-case scenario, you should plan the size of the boxes before you start packing.

Ideally, it would help if you made an inventory that contains the list of all the packable items with their varying sizes.

It will help you with the choice of boxes. Choose appropriate sizing of containers to make the process effortless.

Add Labels to Boxes

How do you identify which boxes contain delicate objects and which ones include clothes?

The easiest way to do so is to label all the luggage boxes. You can strap a white paper with the label written on it. You can also write the label on the box itself.

Assigning the proper label to each box will help determine which one will go to the living room and contain all the bedroom items.

Putting labels will also help you identify which box needs to be handled carefully and which one can be picked up casually.

Separate Essential Luggage from the Rest

To avoid having a meltdown while determining which box contains the essential items, you will want to keep the different things separated.

You can number the boxes based on priority. You can either use colored tape or write a huge E on the boxes for such a purpose. Furthermore, it helps to know which packages you will be opening first.

Alternatively, you can assign colors to the boxes based on their importance. For example, a box containing storage items can have a yellow color. The essential box can be marked red.

Make the Boxes Light

The last thing you want is someone to drop a heavy box containing the glass cutlery.

A surefire way to avoid accidents is to make the boxes reasonably light. It will help you carry them with great ease.

Quite possibly, you may need to carry the boxes up the stairs of your new home. Or you may need to shift them to the basement.

Making the boxes heavy will only make your job harder in such a scenario.

Final Thoughts

There can be many reasons for shifting from your current home. Factors like career, job, or financial implications play an important role in this matter.

The process of moving is often stressful because of all the packing and organizing.

However, it can be easily managed by following several tips like time management, purchasing boxes, organizing the luggage, and labeling the packed items. It is simply a matter of starting early and scheduling the process of packing on time.

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