Ultimate Buying Guide for LED strip Lights

The LED strip lights are becoming very popular for home lighting purposes. Apart from that, they are commercially used for stadiums, parks and other such places. LEDs come packed with many features, and the best thing is that they don’t produce much heat either. The light you get from them fills up the entire area while you can keep them programmed according to your requirements. The LED strip lights are packed in compact packaging while they are resistant to shock and durable too. The popularity is evident as these lights have become a part of both commercial and residential lighting both. As they are affordable, many people prefer them over other lights or bulbs that are not built to last. If you think that purchasing LED lights is an easy task, you need to think twice. There are many factors that you need to know before the purchase so let’s start with all the details.

Types of LED strip lights

The category of LED strip lights is vast as there are available in many different types. You need to know that for what purpose you want to use the lights. Suppose you want something for your outdoors, so having IP65 LED flex strips will be a good choice as they are waterproof and withstand harsh weather conditions. Let’s talk about different types of LED strip lights. There are many LED strip lights available at

DC LED Flex strips

The DC LED flex strips have a flexible adhesive backing, and they are easy to mount. They can easily be powered up with 12VDC. However, it is easy to cut them in two inches, and almost all of them are waterproof. You can get them in 30 LEDs/M or 60 LEDs/M, so choose the best one according to your convenience.

AC LED Flex Strips 

The AC LED flex strips are easy to install as you have to run them straight from the outlet, and they are good to go. They need to be plugged and will start shining brightly.

LED rope light

The LED rope light is encased and Omni-directional too. They come packed within a standard rope light packaging. It is a convenient choice and affordable too.

High Output LED strips.

High-powered Output LED strips will be easy to mount as the rigid stripes are built to last; they will be a good option for outdoors. The board drivers and circuitry are also intact well inside the LED strips.


When you are purchasing LED strip lights, it is very important to look for the length of LEDs.If you want to have a bright light, you should look for a LED with big lengths. The light will be clean and constant, so the LEDs should be placed along with the stripes without making much distance. You can check all the measurements or ask a professional about it because, without this knowledge, you will not get the best of lights. You need to determine the quality of the light along with the brightness before making the final purchase. It is easy to purchase the LED strip lights from

LED strip brightness

The technology of LEDs has improved over the years, and they are becoming brighter than before. However, it doesn’t mean that all the stripes will be super bright, and if you are one of those who don’t like very bright light, you need to think twice here. The brightness of the LED lights is measured in Lumens. Everyone wants to have a certain level of lumens so the brightness can cover the entire area with success. You need to note down the LED’s length along with the brightness level because all these things have a strong effect on the light.

LED strip colors

You will be delighted to know that the LED strip colors come in a wide range of options. There are some multi-colored stripes too, so you can get whatever you want. The basic LED will have only one color that has a fixed light. There are also other color options like warm white, neutral white, cool white, red and green. If this isn’t enough, there is blue, yellow, and ultraviolet available too, and all these colors will make your residence an appealing one.

Color temperature

The LED strip lights can emit different white colors, and the color temperature is the only option to differentiate them. The temperature will also indicate how cool or warm the light will seem. The high temperatures will be indicated by blue color, while the low temperatures will represent warm colors like yellow.

Installing LED strip lights

If you have purchased the right kind of LED strip lights, the next important step is installation. It would help if you had a professional around, or else it may become difficult for you to install them on your own. Some installations can be tough as they require cutting and mounting, while others may seem a little easy. Here is what you need to know.

LED strip wattage

One of the most important factors for installation is that you need to know the wattage of LED strip lights. You also need to know the kind of system they will be getting installed with. When you know about the wattage, you will also get to know about the power supply. These are some other things that you need to consider before installation. An adequate power supply is required for the lights to shine brightly.

  • Get to know the length of your LED strip light
  • There will be some breaks in the light 
  • Check how many separate strips you need
  • Getting to know about the power of the strips and voltage requirements is important
  • The flexibility of the LED strip lights need to be checked
  • The LED lights have to be durable so they can withstand intense conditions
  • Will you need waterproofing for the LED strip light?
  • The expert will decide that what components like connectors and extra wires are needed
  • When you set up stripes, you need to know how dim or strong the light or how you can control it

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