Landlord’s Maintenance Checklist For The Upkeep of Their Properties

If you want to be successful as a landlord Maintenance, you need to have a specific mindset for decision-making and problem-solving. The one thing that is of supreme importance that can make or break the game for you is maintenance.

Maintenance requests, especially the ones that concern repairing a broken appliance or part of the house don’t come with a set date. This means they are unpredictable and stressful for the tenants and the landlords as well.

This is where preventive property maintenance comes into the show. Keep reading,to know what preventive maintenance tasks you should take up as a landlord.

When to Use The Property Maintenance Checklist?

Before anything else, you should know that property maintenance is a continuous job, with recurring tasks.

You are the landlord, and it should be on your priority list to pay attention to this checklist at least twice a year. If you are short on time, you can look for la property management service to help you with the same. Of course, with professionals, you don’t need to stress about falling behind on your scheduled maintenance tasks.

Now let’s Get Going With The Checklist.

Leaks or water damage – Any small issue, if overlooked, can result in a big one. And the frequent problem is the water. Ensure that there are no water leaks in your rental property. Check the faucets and toilets for leaks and water drips. The walls and ceiling should be free from any signs of water damage. You don’t want rainwater to create trouble for you, right? Thus, pay attention to this aspect.

Roofing and gutters

If the shingles of your property are in poor shape, it can lead to serious damage. And the damaged roof is often the reason for the leaks that consequently result in major repairs. Besides, keep the gutters clean. This will help the water flow away from the property and ensures that everything is in the proper condition. This is also the way to keep fire hazards at bay.

Filters of AC and Furnace

Let’s be honest: HVAC systems, short for heating, ventilation, and AC, come under one of the biggest maintenance expenses. Experts advise changing the air filters of the AC and the furnace at least twice a year. But the preferable thing is to change it after every three months. Dirty and clogged filters pose a risk of damage. Therefore, keep fresh filters for a simple update.

Pest Control

It is imperative to check that no pest issues are posing a threat to your property. Not to mention that living with pests is not feasible for any tenant. Hence, pest-proof your rental property for the smooth welcoming of the tenants.

Flush The Water Heater

Yet another big expense is the water heater. It collects the sediments, and the water can get filthy or muddy over time. The solution here is to flush the water heater twice every year. This will definitely keep the water clean and running smoothly.

To Sum it All Up

Believe it or not, to be a successful landlord, you need to focus on the checklist as mentioned above. This way, you will definitely get good reviews of the tenant. And you can reap higher returns in the long run.

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