5 Signs You Need to Call an HVAC Repair Service

Did you know that when your HVAC system isn’t working properly, it can increase pollution in your home and the air that you breathe?

HVAC systems, also known as air conditioners, can help to remove dust, pollen, and bacteria from your home.

If you want to ensure that you are breathing in clean air, there are a couple of red flags to watch for regarding your system.

Continue reading to discover when you should contact your HVAC service company to get your system fixed!

1. Insufficient Flow of Air

One of the most notable signs that you need HVAC service is if you have insufficient airflow in your home.

When filters get clogged or a motor breaks in your HVAC unit, it can cause a disruption to the airflow. You will want to search for an HVAC service near me if you are noticing that your unit is running more than normal.

Many people can identify insufficient airflow when they smell stale air or notice above-average cycles.

2. Feeling Warm Air

Another sign that your unit isn’t working the way it should is if you feel warm air.

Monitor the temperature that you are setting your thermostat to. If your unit is unable to push out cold air, there might be an internal issue occurring.

Since many HVAC systems also help heat your home, you might need furnace repair to address warm air problems. An HVAC technician should be able to assess the condition of your system to determine where the cause for concern is.

3. Increasing Levels of Humidity

Although the summer can increase humidity from outdoor temperatures, your home shouldn’t be humid.

When an HVAC system is properly working, it should help reduce humidity in the air to make you more comfortable. Most Ac units have features that will tell you the humidity levels inside of the house. If your levels are not in a comfortable range, an HVAC company should be able to help.

4. Foul Odors

Finding the best HVAC service is beneficial when you notice foul odors coming from your unit.

Most times that people notice odd odors it is because mold and mildew are growing. You might even notice a stale smell in the air if something is wrong. Typically, the HVAC unit just needs a deep cleaning to get rid of these smells.

5. Strange Noises

If you are hearing weird noises from your HVAC unit, you will likely need to place a call.

Strange noises can be a sign that a bolt is loose, ducts are clogged, or that another issue is occurring. Don’t let your HVAC keep you up throughout the night, if you are noticing these noises, get them fixed as quickly as possible.

Oftentimes, tightening the bolts or doing a thorough cleaning can fix these issues.

Know When to Call Your HVAC Service Provider

There are a couple of obvious signs that will tell you to contact your Ac service provider, but some are less noticeable.

If you notice that your system is producing warmer air, or not getting rid of humidity, you might have a problem that only an HVAC technician can fix. You will also want to get help if you notice foul smells coming from your unit, otherwise, you might have a mold problem.

Pay attention to the noises that your system makes when it is properly functioning. All of these details will serve as red flags for when you need to find help. Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about local HVAC service and how to keep your unit functioning properly!

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