How To Take Care Of Your Expensive Carpets

Things last longer when you take care of them. This sentence also applies to carpets. Carpets are considered to be one of those few things that give your house a clean and elegant look.

Carpets often get dirty quite easily. But, getting your carpet clean doesn’t have to be a monotonous job. If you keep your carpet clean, your house also stays clean. Read on to get tips on how to take care of your carpet and why.

Addressing The Why

Carpets are said to be a collection of bacteria and dust mites. To make your house clean and promote better health, you should always have clean carpets. A grimy or dull carpet holds the power to make even your sparkling, clean house look dirty and unhealthy.

A clean carpet can improve the air quality of your home drastically. A carpet’s insides are capable of getting filled with dirt and debris. This can slowly begin to break down your carpet’s fibers. It will save you money in the long run. That is why it is crucial to keep your carpet clean and hygienic at all times.

Addressing The How


Cleaning can maximize your carpet’s life. Vacuuming your carpet once a week can be a good idea. Vacuuming correctly can also help clean your carpet in an efficient manner.

Having dirty carpets can easily become a health hazard. It can cause asthma. You could get rashes and other allergies if your carpet is not thoroughly clean. You can vacuum the carpet on a daily basis but if it is way too dirty, call in cleaning professionals.

Professionals use not only dry vacuum but also wet vacuum your carpet, which can be a little tricky. Don’t wet vacuum the carpet by yourself; it can damage it; use professional help.

Carpet Pad

Your carpet’s life can be extended if you use the right carpet pad. A good quality pad is dense rather than being thick. A wrong pad is capable of cutting your carpet’s life in half. They absorb sound, avoid slipping, and provide softness to your carpet.

Steam Cleaning

The most common method of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning refers to the process in which a vacuum cleaner powerfully sucks the surface dirt from the carpet.

Pet Accidents

If you own a pet, then take care of any pet accidents. Urine has the potential of damaging the carpet’s fiber and even damage its color. Soak up urine fast with white paper towels.

Add a quarter-teaspoon of dishwashing liquid into a cup of lukewarm water. Apply soapy water to the carpet. Thoroughly soak the area with paper towels.

After blotting with dry towels, repeat the wet-dry process twice. Clear out the detergent properly and dry out the carpet.

When the towels don’t absorb moisture, it means the carpet is properly clean now.

Carpet Runs

You don’t need to worry about the running snag with woven loops in your carpet. You can easily repair it. You need a pair of scissors, carpet adhesive, tape, and a screwdriver.

You need to gently tug the loose yarn to find the point where it is firmly attached to the backing. Slowly snip it off as close to the backing as possible. Apply some tape and adhesive into the run to protect the nearby carpet. Press the scab into the adhesive with the screwdriver.

Stains and Burns

If your carpet has burns and stains, you don’t need to be stuck with it. With a tool or a cookie cutter, you can cut out the damaged part and replace it. A patch cut from the back of a sofa or the closet or remnant can come in handy.

It is very convenient to do it. Due to the heaviness of the carpet, sometimes the patch is visible but not noticeable. With others, it is completely impossible to spot the patch.

Experts have the required tools and chemicals, which makes this process quite smooth and hassle-free. It will save a lot of your time and energy. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning crew will not only remove tough stains but even those which aren’t visible to you. The right professional company will also offer you the guarantee of cleaning carpets in the best manner. You can tend to other chores without a care in the world.

No Shoes Policy

Most carpets get very dirty because of soil. There is a very easy way of reducing the wear and tear of your carpet. It is advisable to keep the amount of soil under control. Make it a point to come inside the house after removing the shoes.

Your carpet’s life can be increased manifold if you roam around the house without shoes. It can also help in reducing your cleaning chores tremendously.

Cleaning Agents

If you are an obsessive cleaner, then this tip might come in handy for you. Keep the strong detergents and cleaning agents away from the carpet. Instead, use homemade cleaning solutions. Carpets are delicate and strong detergents can destroy their inside layers.

Overusing cleaning agents can prove to be fatal. They should only be used to remove stains, and that too, not very often. Using too much detergent and shampoo tends to leave behind strong residue. This residue is not easy to get rid of, not even through vacuuming.

Neutralizing Your Carpet

This is an important step after you have cleaned your carpet. Use the right kind of detergents and shampoo based on the quality of your carpet.

This will help ensure that no residue is left behind on the carpet. This will make your carpet feel new. Deodorizing your carpet can also be a good idea. This will leave your house and the surroundings smelling good.


Routine carpet cleaning can be a very good idea. You can be safe from all the health hazards if you have a clean carpet. You can take care of your carpet if you follow the above-mentioned points carefully. Carpets should always be maintained if you want to have a healthy household. A dirty carpet will lessen its durability. Getting professional help for your carpet can be good. This will prolong your carpet’s life and reduce safety hazards as well.

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