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Home Remodeling; A Guide on How To Plan Efficiently

Whether the house is a year or a decade old, it needs constant attention and care. Regular wear and tear, such as wall dampening, loose door handles, etc., affect the overall condition of your house. After a few years, you might consider renovating the whole place to improve its structural integrity. Apart from the regular wear and tear, changing family needs also call for a home remodel to accommodate everyone as per their needs.

The home renovation comes with a lot of planning and hard work. You can hire the best contractors and use the best material, but improper planning and lack of research can lead to unnecessary expenses. Looking at pictures and visualizing the same in your house is easier said than done. Therefore, you need to sit down, invest a reasonable amount of time bringing it all on paper, and plan accordingly. This article mentions a complete guide to help you plan your house remodeling efficiently. Read on!

Inspect and Jot Down What Needs Renovation

Start with the home inspection, and look into each part of your house that you want to renovate. You should plan the renovation a minimum of 6 months before starting the project. Roam through the house and sketch a detailed plan. The plan should have a blueprint of how the project will move forward and what you expect as the outcome.

In addition, you must clarify your needs and wants from the project. It will help you focus on completing the essentials first and adjusting the wants as per the situation. Another critical part of detailed planning is segregating the projects based on DIY and professional service requirement. You need to be genuine with yourself and mark all the activities you can complete using DIY. It will allow you to find contractors and professional service providers for the listed things.

Workout the Budget

Before starting the remodeling project, the budget is the main thing you need to work out. It would help if you started figuring out the budget at least three months before giving the go-ahead to the project. The budget should include every pricing; for example, if you plan on getting an epoxy floor refinishing then research and add the costs. Similarly, for chimney renovation, bathroom tiles, etc.

Experts worldwide suggest that a budget should have a 10% buffer for covering unexpected expenses. No matter how diligently you plan, certain things can go wrong at any point. So, when you have an extra budget, you will not feel overburdened with the expenses. It will help if you call professionals and request estimates for all the required material for the project. Lastly, no matter what the contractors tell you, do not expand your budget unless the point is valid and has a strong effect on the overall condition of the house.

Permissions and Restrictions

Every state and city has some laws regarding construction and renovation to preserve the area’s overall look. In many cases, the regulations are put into place for safety purposes, considering the demographic and geological conditions of the site. Some may even have regulations for picking up the color scheme of your house.

So, consult the concerned authorities and discuss your renovation plan to understand which part of the renovation will require legal permission. You can then apply for licenses and permissions. To save time and money, it is better to connect with authorities and gain approval before hiring the contractors. You can expect a delay in getting permits, so it’s better to start this around six months before your project. You may have to redo your plan as per the regulations to acquire permissions.

Note: it is an offense to do any construction or renovation at home without legal permission. The government can sue you for this offense.

Consult and Hire Contractors

Next on your list is home renovation planning is the consulting and hiring contractors to complete your project. You need to hire a team that will efficiently work on the project and understands your renovation expectations. Take estimates from at least two to three service providers and check with their previous customers for feedback. Apart from pricing, there are several other things that you need to consider while hiring a contractor, such as:

  • Experience: considering a contractor with many years of experience is a better bet than someone new in the field.
  • License: You may for once pick the person with little experience, but never bet your money on someone without contracting consent. A licensed contractor will have all the required certifications to complete the work in his field.
  • Payment Schedule: As a business rule, no service provider will ask for full payment in advance. It is a red flag if the service providers put down this condition before starting the project; you’re better off rejecting such contractors. It is more reasonable to have everything in writing to be safer. Consider signing a bill of laden comprising all the services, timeline, and payment procedures. It acts as biding by the law.

It would help if you were diligent while hiring people. If you plan on hiring separate teams to complete the project, ensure that they know their area of work well before starting the project. Ideally, you should confirm with the contractors at least two months before beginning the renovation to avoid delays later.

Determine a Timeline

It is teamwork to determine the timeline of the complete project. You need to contact the contractors and consider the time each part of the project will take. Then, discuss the step-wise completion of the renovation and decide the portions that the teams can finish concurrently. It will help if you add the delivery time, cleaning time, and non-working days.

Final Words

A home remodeling project requires you to brainstorm in many areas to lay down an efficient plan. Along with the timeline, budget, and contractors, you also need to work out your stay and food requirements. You should arrange a temporary kitchen area to cook meals till the time the team completes your kitchen remodeling. Similarly, it would help plan your sleeping, bathing, and other arrangements to avoid any last-minute crisis. The home renovation includes anticipating many situations so that it does not hamper your everyday life.

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