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Home Maintenance Checklist for Landlords and Property Managers

As a landlord or property managers, you’re in a continuous effort to stretch your budget. This often means you have to trade off seemingly less critical needs, such as regular preventative roof maintenance. Since your roof isn’t leaking, why touch it already?

But even when those other seemingly trivial maintenance affairs don’t appear pressing, they may end up digging a big hole in your budget when something happens. Something as critical as roofing needs regular maintenance to prevent the remarkably high cost of replacement or repair.

However, it’s understandable that several issues compete for a place in your budget as a landlord or property managers. And there are limited resources, so why not focus on those pressing needs such as uninterrupted power, plumbing, fire, and security? Preventative maintenance becomes like a luxury. But the fact remains: it makes more financial sense to prevent than to repair, especially for those things that make a significant impact when they break down.

And roofing maintenance is one of such things. Roofing can be expensive to replace. Not conducting regular preventative maintenance can speed up the deterioration process, causing the need for a repair to come much sooner than later.

The Impact

Think of your company’s roof like a heavy-duty machine. If you do not change oil, lubricate parts, and check for wear and tear, the engine would conk out more quickly than when regularly maintained.

And as a point of critical concern, harsh winters can significantly impact roof life, leading to cracks resulting from shrinkage. Snow can also melt Property Managers, run into roof gutters, and freeze overnight, causing cracks as well.

These are a few telltale signs that regular roof maintenance should be an essential part of your property maintenance budget. Even something as seemingly harmless as moss can be disastrous to your roof. When moss grows abundantly, it becomes the surface of your roof, thereby trapping and retaining water, which leads to rot and mold growth.

It doesn’t appear as a notable or immediate concern, but it can considerably reduce your roof’s lifespan. It’s worth scheduling a roof moss removal service if you can’t handle it yourself from time to time. Such acts of preventative roof maintenance can help you save money in the long run by avoiding early roof deterioration and the need for repairs or replacement.

Important areas to focus on in property maintenance

●     Fire and security devices

Ensure all safety components such as gates and doors are intact. The security system should function properly at all times.

●     Landscaping

Give due attention to your flowers, lawn, and garden, as these are crucial to your home’s curb appeal.

●     Humid areas

Bathrooms and kitchens quickly grow mold and mildew due to the presence of moisture, and they are bad for the occupant’s health.

●     Home systems

Check your AC and HVAC systems, replace dirty filters to improve indoor air quality. Check insulation as well.

●     Plumbing

The plumbing system is a critical aspect of any home maintenance. Colorations and rust buildup are signs of damaged pipes.

●     Gutters

Clean roof gutters occasionally to allow free movement of rain and snow. Clogged gutters can prove costly.

●     Updates/Remodeling

If you’ve carried out major renovations or refurbished the home, it’s also advisable to file receipts and contact your insurance company to update your homeowner’s insurance coverage.


Maintaining any property can be a burden, but the right preventative approach can save you a lot of mess. If you can focus on these vital areas and ensure they’re in good condition, you would hardly ever be taken by surprise.

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