How to Personalize Your Home With Custom Lighting

While you’ll find many home decor lighting ideas online, it’s also possible that you wouldn’t find one that practically reflects your personality and style.

The thing is, if you want your space to reflect you, you have to take things into your hands and decorate unconventionally. One way to do that is through lighting.

Lighting plays a key home in home decor due to its noticeability, and the right amount of it can easily transform a blank space into something warmer and bubbly. And you can easily personalize your space to reflect your taste through custom lighting.

Let’s see some ways to go about this.

1. Add Spotlights to Your Bedroom

No matter how boisterous you naturally are, your bedroom is a place to relax after a long day — a place for calmness and serenity. It is, therefore, more appropriate to have bedroom lighting that isn’t very luminous.

A spotlight that highlights artwork, bed, or other focal interior features is, therefore, a great idea. And if you have a desk where you read or work, a series of spotlights that provide just enough lighting will add a cozy, warm appeal to your space.

2. Cast Custom Shades

Having a lampshade over your light source is another way to add personality to your space. This would make perfect sense in your dining area and bedroom, where minimal lighting is desired.

To get the most of it, use a solid-colored lampshade that adds color to the already attractive home decor, making it a bit more vibrant than it was.

3. Look to The Chandeliers

Chandeliers are the ideal lighting to incorporate into your space to create a sense of luxury and elegance. They aren’t only meant for cocktail parties and balls; chandeliers are a simple way to add appeal, desire, and uniqueness to your space.

Consider hanging a chandelier above your Kitchen Island, patio, or hallway and see how much difference one piece of lightning makes. You may need to head to a DIY Store to get the required tools to fix up your lighting yourself, and it’s quite a simple, exciting process. Chances are you’ll be proud of your space as soon as you’re done.

4. Series of Single Pendant Lights

While chandeliers speak luxury and modernity, pendant lights are a classic. A series of globe pendants in your kitchen or living room creates a warm, rustic appeal that’s very much inviting. If you’re less of a showy person and more a nature-loving, discreet individual, then pendant lighting is one of the best ways to personalize your space. One is okay, but having a series of them arranged evenly across the ceiling is on a whole different level.

5. Use LED Lights

LED lights aren’t only for living rooms. They can work just about anywhere, and rightly so. Why? Think about how many times you’ve stumbled on the staircase at night. This would make an excellent place to set up LED lights.

LED lights are perfect for highlighting key sections in your home, and they create a feeling of direction. Think about having LED running across the wall parallel to your staircase, around your TV, or around a piece of art. At night, the look is awe-inspiring.

And by day, they transform those basic areas such as the staircase and pool area into beautiful works of art. Having a personalized look and feel in your living space is essential as your decor typically influences your mood. It’s therefore wise to have a design that reflects you. By applying one or some of the ideas suggested above, you just can’t go wrong.

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