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General Overview of Tracs Air Purifiers that Clean Air In Your House

A device that eliminates pollutants from the air in a space to enhance indoor air quality is known as an air purifier or air cleaner. These devices are frequently advertised as being helpful to allergy and asthma sufferers, as well as decreasing or eliminating tobacco smoke, dust, pollen and other harmful particles. TRacs air purifiers are among the most powerful and reliable air cleaners out there.

What is an air purifier?

Commercial and residential air purifiers are available as small stand-alone units or bigger units that can be attached to an air handler unit (AHU) or an HVAC unit in the medical, industrial, and commercial industries. In industry, air purifiers can be used to eliminate contaminants from air before it is processed. For this, pressure swing absorbers or other adsorption techniques are commonly utilized.

Active and passive air purification systems are available nowadays. Passive air purifiers use air filters known as HEPA to remove pollutants, whereas active air purifiers release negatively charged ions into the air, forcing contaminants to attach to surfaces. Because all dust and particle matter is permanently eliminated from the air and collected in the filters, passive purifiers are more efficient.

To cleanse air, a variety of techniques can be performed, each with differing degrees of efficacy. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) were the most frequent approaches in 2022.

Tracs air purifiers utilize both technologies as well as use pre-filter to filter out dust, smoke, pet hair and other large particles before they get into the filtration system.

Tracs air purifiers review

Tracs offers several air purifiers: Portable EZ-Air Purification System, Portable UV-C Air Purifier with UVGI technology to kill germs, bacteria and viruses, two ceiling mounted air purifiers (TM500 and TM950) and Industrial HEPA Air Purifier with UV and Antimicrobial filter TM-1250.

All these air purifiers have high CADR ratings, they made from durable steel at the US-based facilities. If you want to know more about these machines, go check Tracs air purifiers review page. On that page you will find specifications and more details on each Tracs air purifier.

Operating costs include replacing filters every 3 to 4 years and electricity bills. If you intend to use the air purifier 24 hours per day on a medium speed the electricity costs rise up to 100-200 dollars per year.

More about True HEPA Filtration Technology

True HEPA filters have been the major method for eliminating airborne diseases, germs, dust, and particle from the air at extremely high efficiency for over eighty years. Individually scanned and tested to perform at 99.97 percent efficiency at.3 microns, standard certified HEPA filters like those used in the TM-250, TM500, TM900 TM-1250 are securely sealed within the cabinet to prevent air bypass around it. If a product incorporates an uncertified “HEPA” filter, it may not perform at HEPA efficiency. A HEPA filter used with a galvanized steel frame in Tracs air purifiers prevent frame disintegration or warping due to moisture.

There are several types of True HEPA filters and Tracs air purifiers use H13 air filter that are certified filters for usage in hospitals.


Tracs air purifiers are efficient air cleaners capable of destroying different germs, bacteria and viruses. There are several models on the market that include portable versions and air cleaners that can be mounted at the ceiling. TRACS Model TM-1250 air purifier works best for large commercial and industrial spaces as it provides the best defense against harmful particles in large spaces. It also on the more expensive side, but worth every penny. For home use Tracs Portable EZ-Air Purification System or Portable UV-C Air Purifier are recommended.

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