Five Tips for Choosing the Right Storage Facility for Your Needs

Storage needs can vary from one household to another. The need for increased storage comes from endless shopping lists without decluttering old stuff. Alternatively, if your kids grow out of clothes or get bored of toys, you might want to store them for the next child or their intrinsic value.

The LA Times reported that most Americans hoard more than 300,000 items in their homes. These are shocking numbers! That said, one in four American households finds it easier to store stuff in the garage, leading to less space for car parking. On top of that, an average American throws away nearly 68 pounds of clothing annually.

This is where storage units come in handy. You can book a self-storage unit based on your requirements for personal or professional use. With that in mind, let us look at ways you can choose the right storage facility.

1. Determine Your Purpose of Storage

Determining the purpose of storage can help you decide the size, proportions, and type of storage facility you need. Suppose you’re living in a state like Wisconsin, where homes are getting smaller because the number of people moving into the city has increased.

Two reasons; you’ll need more space to store stuff you don’t need, and you can’t throw away things that matter to you. What do you do? You look for storage facilities that allow you to store stuff according to your requirements.

Madison is an excellent example because it’s now the second-largest city in Wisconsin. You might think storage facilities are expensive, but that’s not true. Search online for storage Madison WI to find storage spaces near your location.

These storage spaces have temperature and climate control amenities, security and drive-up access, etc. Most websites even offer a storage calculator through which you can get unit size suggestions and pricing according to your requirements.   

Similarly, if you are moving houses, you can use the rental truck facility to carry your stuff to and from your place. If you’re renovating your place, you’ll need to move things out to a secure site before moving it back once the renovation completes.

If you are traveling and do not need access to your stuff for some time, you can rent a smaller space for a short period and stack items on top of one another. Determining your storage purpose allows you to optimize your storage space and rent it only for as long as you need.

2. Determine the Storage Contents

Choosing the right storage facility depends on the contents you want to store. Do you want to store climate and temperature-optimized goods like wine, medical products, or fresh produce? If so, you must book a temperature-controlled storage unit that effectively keeps the humidity out and the room dry.

Similarly, if you want to store valuable artwork and oil paintings, you might need to rent a bigger space. Stacking paintings on top of each other, especially oil paintings, could ruin them. Many families across the state keep valuable heirlooms for safekeeping until they are ready to pass them down to the next generation. A small storage facility could hold minor artifacts, antique furniture, tea sets, etc.

3. Consider Storage Costs

The storage cost might include more than just keeping and maintaining your items. It could include an initial deposit fee and a surcharge for additional amenities. Therefore, find out the storage cost before booking a unit.

Self-storage units in most states could set you back $50/month on average. It also varies in unit size and specialty. For example, a temperature and climate-controlled unit might cost more if it requires more energy to keep its contents safe and fresh, so expect to pay more.

A better way is to select a facility that only charges monthly, with no additional fees or surcharge. You could save more if you intend on keeping your stuff for longer. Also, remember to read the fine print to ensure you aren’t charged for services you’re not using. Only opt for the services you require. Also, beware of the cancellation fee in advance.

4. Choose Well Maintained Storage Spaces

Make sure that whatever facility you choose is clean, well-lit, and dry and has ample ventilation. Most of the storage facilities in Madison offer the finest units with enclosed loading bays and good drainage to prevent damage from spillage.

Well-maintained small storage spaces are monitored for quality control and have enough space to install racks and shelves for delicate items. They also allow enough room to walk through your stuff and access items at the back.

Moreover, even smaller 5×5 storage units could seem spacious if you pick the right size for your things. A cluttered storage unit might be harder to manage. If you move away for a few years, you will need space that offers surveillance. Therefore, ensure quality and safety options control ahead of time.

Alternatively, book a separate unit for storing special items to optimize storage space and cost.

5. Look at Reviews and Referrals

There are plenty of storage companies, but choosing the right one could be daunting. Many of them offer the same services at different rates. Some offer discounts with a free month of service with specific terms and conditions. So reading reviews and getting referrals from friends and family who had previously used a storage facility could help narrow your search.

You can also look at the reviews on social media to see the overall customer experience with the company. For example, some storage facilities in Fitchburg are easily accessible from Madison but consider one in your area to make it easier for you to get to your stuff without traveling so much.


Selecting the right storage facility depends on many factors. First off, you must determine the purpose of your storage needs. Secondly, choose the storage contents and try getting deals on spaces to make things affordable. A good idea to reduce overall storage costs would be to store your stuff for longer.

Also, selecting a well-maintained storage unit for your items is wise. If you have expensive things you want to leave behind, you should have a facility that offers surveillance and is maintained.

Lastly, check out reviews by previous clients and get referrals from friends and family to get an idea of the kind of customer service provided.

Try out the tips we’ve mentioned in this article. Also, if you have anything to add, please do so in the comments section below.

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