Easy Ways To Escape To The Hamptons Homes Style

If you live in Perth, you are likely attracted to Hamptons style homes. They have a certain charm, especially if you want a summer beach house, such as those that you will see close to New York, provoking a lifestyle that is coastal sophistication and relaxation wrapped into one. If you add love for outdoor living or even indoor living, the Hamptons style home that you choose will be perfect for any climate, even if it is hot and sunny. Better than this, it has a timeless appeal which will get better each passing year.

Weatherboard-Style Cladding

Weatherboard cladding will go perfectly on a Hamptons-style home next to the fully gabled roof. This is a subtle way to create contrasting yet clean lines that showcase white window frames and balcony railings made from light-coloured timber. When you use cladding, you should use natural tones to avoid the house’s colour. In contrasting the window shutter colours, perhaps with charcoal or dark green, you can elevate the appeal of any Hampton home.

Light And Space

The Hamptons is a very classic look that evokes thoughts of spaciousness and flowing air, especially with the French doors and large windows that let in so much light. They often have verandas that are pretty extensive, perfect for entertaining guests on holidays, which is what Hamptons homes are often known for if they are located near the beach. The natural light can echo throughout the house, evoking a feeling of summer, as well as the freedom of holidays and coastal living. Your primary sense should be one of openness, as well as spaciousness, using the wooden shutters to help you direct the light.

Colours Beyond White

Looking at the colour palette for any Hamptons home, it typically has a lot of white, yet it will be complemented with shades of other colours to give it that classic look or perhaps even create a more modern appeal. Warm whites, greens, soft blues, and natural greys can contrast the sandy beach and the stones that may surround the area. To get a Hamptons style look, blue-based greys, cool whites, and black accents will help. The kitchen area, specifically the benchtops, should be neutral in colour, or perhaps you could choose black or sophisticated grey. For the rest of the house, specifically the skirting walls, ceilings, doors and windows, always use white.

Shaker-Style Kitchens

There is a reason these particular kitchens are considered synonymous with the Hamptons style home. The name, shaker style, is about the bevelled edges on the classic cabinetry. This simple, clean look is brilliant, allowing any kitchen to stand out, and it can also be found in laundry rooms and bathrooms. If you want to emphasize the Hamptons, specifically with traditional shell handles on the drawers, you can add those as well. One of the best aspects of Hamptons style homes is that the contemporary kitchens blend in so perfectly with key element designs.

Old Meets New

There are many scopes that you can choose from to mix things up when looking at both the new and old styles. You can choose, for example, bedside tables in your bedroom, a contemporary linen sofa, along with old rustic timber chests that can easily be used for coffee tables. If you want to complete this, put in natural beachy items, such as sun-bleached coral, driftwood, or even seashells. The larger the pieces, the more definable they will be if kept in glass specimen jars or a bowl. In addition to this, you can use black-and-white photos of yachts or even sea life depicted in drawings featuring coral.

The Finishing Touches

If you want this look throughout your home, using square timber fences painted white on balconies and staircases can add to the overall appeal. You can add statement porch lights, preferably on either side of your front door, and use black and white glossy paint for the front door. By choosing to use panelling as a ceiling feature, you can opt for vaulted or coffered ceilings to create the height.

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