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Do You Need Planning Permission For A Conservatory

Understanding how a conservatory works in the UK is quintessential not only to check someone else’s creation but also important from a stance so as to make your own conservatory work seamless and in a permitted manner. You might want to know if you need planning permission for a conservatory, or for how big a conservatory can you skip this step, or do you need planning permission later on when you proceed to extend your conservatory or is it just a lean-to conservatory and you think you might not need planning permission? Read below to gain important insight into this much interesting topic!

Planning Permission for a Conservatory in the UK

Matter-of-course lower cost than the standard rear extension, conservatories are “thechoice”to extend for most residents in the UK. To figure out the complete options that you have while going in for a conservatory in UK, here’s what you need to know!


Conservatories in the UK fall under permitted development rights, and this makes them eligible to be constructed without the need of a planning permission. However, you need to tend to a fixed set of laid outs so as to be sanctioned for not requiring a planning permission.

Permitted Development Rights: Some Rules for Conservatories in the UK to go Free of Planning Permission

If you ensure that your conservatory is in these lines, you can omit the need for planning permission for a conservatory in the UK.

  1. Place your conservatory in your backyard! That is to say if your conservatory is in the rear portion of the house and not in the front.

  2. The conservatory in the UK must not go beyond by 4 metres from the rear wall if it is detached and 3 metres if attached.

  3. You must use similar building material as in the house, for the conservatory in the UK.

  4. The size of land taken up by the conservatory in the UK, around the original house, must be less than 50%. Original implies as on 1st July 1948 or the latest build of the house, whichever is sooner.

  5. The conservatory must be below a height of 4 metres or 3metres if within 2 metres of a property boundary.

  6. The conservatory must have eaves and a ridge that is taller or equal in height to the existing building.

However, remember that in case your building belongs to the category of a listed building, a flat or maisonette, or some new kind of development, you’ll still need planning permission for a conservatory in the UK. Also, you’ll need to check in with your developer if your area needs some special permission or falls under some special legislation where you need to go for planning permission.

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