Checklist To Prepare Your Humble Abode for All Seasons

When’s the last time you refreshed the exterior of your home, upgraded the lights, or even bothered to declutter?

If the answer is, “I can’t remember!” Then, honey, you need to understand that just like your health, the condition of your home will decline without proper maintenance and care.

Home maintenance can appear to be a formidable chore, especially for a new homeowner. However, it does not have to be an enormous overtaking. A house changes with the season and the way you keep your house in check during the summer can be different from what you need to do for it in the winter. Unfortunately, most homeowners are unaware of this and deliberately ignore some critical seasonal home maintenance requirements. While you may not notice the consequences of neglecting a few things right away, many home improvement tasks can prove to be essential in the big scheme of things.

So, to help you prepare your home for all seasons here’s a one-of-a-kind checklist that’ll keep your home in tip-top shape:

Spring – the time of planning and projecting

Spring home maintenance is primarily concerned with picking up after winter. The weather is still dicey, so now isn’t the time to start long-term outdoor projects like painting the interior and exterior —that comes later. However, it is the perfect time for the following activities:

  • Tidy the gutters and ensure that they drain properly with a water hose.
  • Once the roof is dry and safe to walk on, inspect it for impairment to the vents, shingles, and flashing.
  • Remove and clean window screens.
  • Inspect the exterior siding for destruction and repair as needful.
  • Prune trees that may drop branches on your house, but avoid doing it yourself. For this purpose, call experts to tackle tree cutting and pruning. So, if you reside in Austin, TX, search for tree cutting Austin TX, and have experts arrive at your residency almost instantly. Since they specialize in tree cutting, they’ll take care of everything for you.
  • Install window air conditioners in the late spring.
  • Flip ceiling fans so that the vanes spin counterclockwise. It will cause air to flow downward, cooling the room.

Summer – the time of enjoyment

Summer is a wonderful time for having fun and frolicking in the sun while sipping isotonic drinks. Aside from that, excessive heat can cause a slew of problems with exterior and interior aspects. So devote some time to the surface of your home, as well as your garden and lawn. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Examine the bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Clear cobwebs and deal with spiders, moths, and ant infestations, among other things.
  • Clean the electric fireplace and washing machine.
  • Clear debris from the window wells and patios
  • Check the drains and plumbing for leaks, including outdoor faucets.
  • Oil the garage door opener, garage door, chain, and all the other door hinges
  • Clean the hoses behind your dryer and washer to remove any traces of lint or debris.
  • Inspect and clean venting systems
  • Clean the kitchen exhaust fan filters and ceiling fans.
  • Retouch exterior paint and repair cracked concrete
  • Service the air conditioners
  • Wipe behind the fridge and vacuum the spirals in the back to keep things running smoothly.

Fall – the time for change

During the fall season, home maintenance is focused on preparing the house for winter.

  • Run a test on the sump pump by dumping water down the sump pit until it turns on.
  • Take out and put away the window screens.
  • Hire a furnace service to perform annual upkeep on your furnace.
  • Remove any window air conditioners.
  • Winterize your central air conditioning system.
  • Clean out water features and garden ponds to remove leaves and debris.
  • Hire a chimney cleaning service or clean the chimney yourself.
  • Protect exterior hose bibs (faucets) with foam covers during the winter.


Last but not least, a seasonal home maintenance checklist for the winter season. While subzero temperatures can cause a range of issues, a list of mandatory winter home repairs must be completed.

  • Inspect all of the deadbolts and locks on your windows and doors.
  • Check drains in tubs, sinks, dishwashers, and showers
  • Cover the air-conditioning unit
  • Thoroughly wipe and inspect the basement for leaks
  • Inspect your fireplace
  • Conduct a pest investigation
  • Check the gutters, downspouts, and roof
  • Ventilate your home
  • Vacuum freezer coils and the refrigerator
  • Remove showerheads and wash away the sediment

Three Essential Home Maintenance Tips

Don’t put off routine maintenance

Any homeowner can be caught off guard by neglected maintenance. Check for rotting wood, enroll in subscriptions that allow yearly air conditioning checkups, and consider pest management as well. When you plan on selling your house, keeping an eye on your air conditioning, roof, electrical, plumbing, and drainage will help you.

Plant shrubs

You should be able to plant shrubs whether you have a green thumb or not. Increase the chances of success by selecting a plant that will thrive in your climate and planting it in early fall or spring. Before planting, check the soil drainage (higher ground means quicker drainage) and dig a hole twice the size of the root ball but deep enough to keep the ball level with the degree.

Care for your hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are frequently the most attractive feature of a home. With adequate care, you can keep them that way. Cleaning products designed for hardwood should be used since other cleaners can cause significant damage. Spills can be cleaned up with a little water on the fabric, but too much water will damage the wood. Vacuum frequently with a hardwood floor adhesion to remove dust between boards without scraping.


Proper and all-around maintenance can help prevent expensive repairs over time and keep your house looking beautiful and well-collected. With this handy-dandy checklist, you can ensure your humble adobe is ready to take on and stand out in every season. So, what are you waiting for then? Develop a pro-active and home-specific maintenance routine and get on with it.

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