Top Tips for Your Bathroom Treatment Without Renovating

Your Bathroom Treatment is without doubt one of the most important rooms in your home. If not only for its functionality, it’s the closest the vast majority of us will ever get to having an in-house spa. Yet a lot of the time, it’s the room that we forget to give some attention to. When people think about giving the bathroom a facelift if you like, they tend to envision all of the white furniture being ripped out and replaced – which isn’t ideal for living to say the least. However, what if you wanted to give your bathroom the star treatment, without having to renovate? Well here are some tips on how you can do just that.

A Lick of Paint Works Wonders

As you’re so often advised when you sell your home with companies such as housebeautiful, giving your rooms a lick of paint can be the difference between people finding your home appealing, and them scrolling straight past it on the listing websites. So whether or not you’re selling your house, it’s always a good idea to paint a room if it’s looking a little tired.

Think about the last time you visited the spa – what did you notice about the colour schemes? It’s likely that they went for neutral, calming colours throughout. These can include, but aren’t limited to creams and stones, with the intersection of mossy greens, lavender purples and sea blues. Not only are these colours neutral and therefore tranquil, but they also link back to colours within nature. If there’s one thing that’s psychologically proven to be relaxing and good for us, it’s nature – so where would be a better place to put them than the bathroom? Pretty soon, a long soak iin the tub will be just like visiting our website homerarity.

Get Grouting

If there’s one thing that turns a bathroom Treatment from chic to shambles, it’s grubby grouting. It doesn’t take long to sort out, and it makes the world of difference to the overall affect the room has.

Start my cleaning and scrubbing any of the old and dirty grouting down, then dry them. It’s not particularly skilled work – so luckily you won’t need a professional – so if you’ve got a steady hand, and a precise eye, then just give it a go yourself! If this isn’t your forte, you can always ask a friend who is better equipped in the precision department. You can even get grout pens nowadays that mean you can get the same effect, but with none of the mess! This makes grouting literally as easy as icing a cake, so put aside an afternoon and get grouting.

A Statement Mirror is ALWAYS a Good Idea

Mirrors are fabulous additions to décor, and there’s nowhere more perfect for them than in the bathroom.

A lot of us actually use our bathrooms as our sort of make-up/doing hair/getting ready space, so it makes a lot of sense to prioritise the mirror as a means of décor. So if your current mirror is looking a little old, worn and outdated, replace it with something new and modern. It’ll take your bathroom from drab, to fab in no time.

Another reason why mirrors are such a great addition to any room, besides from the fact they’re useful, is that they give the illusion of there actually being more space in the room. Mirrors reflect light, and therefore give the room an overall brighter feel to it. Because of the light bouncing, the room therefore looks a lot bigger than it actually is – it’s basically just science. So if you’re always wishing you had a more spacious bath, then don’t worry about it – simply invest in a large mirror and place it strategically in the room. It never, ever fails.


Last of all, but far from least, accessorizing is the piece de resistance of any household area. When it comes to your bathroom, think luxury – and add a splash of colour. For example, lavish towels and a soft and fluffy mat in a bold matching colour will completely transform a space and give it an edge. And if you do wish you could have your own spa, simply create the feel of one! Plants and scented candles are the perfect bathroom accessory to give it that tranquil yet tropical and Bali-like feel of ultimate relaxation. As well as this, the scented candles work as a wonderful air freshener for when the last person in the room has left it, not so fresh, let us say.

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