A home is so much more than a few walls that you spend your day or nights in – it is a place you can call your own, be comfortable in, unwind, and feel a sense of belonging. If you are unhappy with your house’s appearance, you can always go for a renovating job. However, it might cost you a bit, especially if you live in Montana around the state capital. Living in cities like Hamilton and Bozeman could shoot the average prices up and make renovating your place pretty costly.

So, we are rounding up some renovation ideas on a budget for your home. Read on to learn all about the quality of a significant renovation at a fraction of the price.

Fix the faults

We often forget that renovation entails a whole lot of fixing rather than replacing. If you plan to change things around the house, get ready to spend a lot of your savings. Rather than doing that, why don’t you consider fixing the faults and fortifying the existing structure?
One material that you can almost always fix is metal. You can probably fix anything if you don’t have extreme rust damage. Look for a welder who can help you out in Montana without costing a fortune. Search welding Bozeman MT to find the best specialist nearby. Once you have an excellent welder on your side, get everything done once so that you don’t have to call them again and again.

Stain the floors

If you notice that floors are getting dull and lifeless, it may be time to change things up. You could replace the paneling with brand new A-grade wood; however, that wouldn’t be cost-effective.
Instead, you can straighten the panels, sand them down, and make sure they are clean. One of the most significant issues is that dirt and grime buildup deteriorates the shine and takes away from the woods’ natural charm. Once you have a clean floor, consider staining the wood with quality supplies to bring out the true personality of the timber.

No matter how old the wood is, as long as it isn’t rotting, you can re-stain it and make it as good as new. Just make sure you sand it down first and clean the surface. If you stain a faulty surface, your efforts are likely to go in vain.

Retile the bathrooms

Everyone loves a classy bathroom; however, making it fancy can cost you a small fortune if you aren’t careful. Design and aesthetics are all about using whatever you have available in the best way to give the illusion of quality and class.
Something as simple as changing the tile in the bathrooms can be a game-changer to the overall aesthetics. Finding quality tiles and making it a DIY job to lay them down saves costs and gives you a sense of achievement that you are working on your own house.

While looking for tiles, consider smaller tiles for the backsplash in the kitchen. Again, a bulk purchase from one place could save you money, and you could change things in the bathroom and the kitchen in one round trip!

Change the doors

Living in an older house in the US, you might have a front door that dates back further than the city itself. One thing about the place that might not have changed over the years is the front door. The timber used in previous decades and centuries was highly robust and durable. However, as we move further in time, you may notice that they are beginning to give in. Moreover, with usage and general wear and tear, they may live their natural course and come to the end of their lives. Buy a new door rather than reinforcing the current one. It would be best not to compromise on the quality of the doors because they are often the first thing you see when you look at a house.  

Work with the kitchen cabinets

Changing the kitchen cabinets can bring a whole new change to the entire room. The mere act of changing the cabinets can create the illusion that you revamped the whole place. However, consider using the current ones rather than replacing and buying new cabinets. Not only can you change the color, but you could probably send them to a wood specialist to add carvings to the side. Moreover, you can always cut out bits and add glass to the center to change the dynamics of the wooden pieces.

A new set of cabinets could cost you a lot, depending on how many you have. So instead, find a good carpenter who understands your goals and works with them to save costs and retain the personality of the current cupboards.


These are the best ways to renovate your place yet keep things manageable (in terms of the finances). With that said, you may want to weigh the options we have provided and combine them with other ideas to get the best bang for your buck.

Redoing the house should be a joyous experience for everyone. These tips help you navigate the most cost-effective solutions and get the home of your dreams. A key theme to take away is to focus on repairing and redoing rather than replacing. Once you get into the habit of fixing, you will save a ton of money and sort the house out in no time.

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