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13 Maintenance Tips – Sell Your Beach House At A Profit Today!

Your beach house in Costa Rica is a prized possession. It is one of those properties that can fetch you a handsome amount if you take care of them regularly. You might not want to sell it immediately but probably somewhere down the line, you could be along that line of thought. Are you prepared to go down that road at all? Does your property have what it takes to attract potential investors or buyers in the first place? It probably does not but it should not deter you from putting it up for sale. Let’s have a look at a few maintenance tips that are easy to perform and can help you fetch a staggering amount for it in the future:

  1. Remember To Mulch Your Garden

Beach houses usually have a lot of green areas and foliage surrounding them. You need good quality mulch to make sure that all that area remains lush and green throughout. Remember that a nice layer of fresh foliage is also going to prevent any soil erosion and weed from growing across your property.

  • Get Rid Of Those Cobwebs

Cobwebs are never a good sight. They are ugly and downright repulsive. Spray them away with a water blaster if they are difficult to reach. A bit of salt is also going to help you get rid of that cobweb build-up every time the weather changes.

  • Have You Oiled And Cleaned Your Deck?

Your deck is also one of the most critical areas that you must pay attention to. Scrub it with your wire brush and make sure to oil it regularly. Do it at least once a month or 2 months. Invest in high-quality timber oil that can keep the wood strong against any dirt and mold.

  • What About That Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioner is also going to require a lot of cleaning. Do it every 6 months or maybe a little more frequently. You can use a brush to clean the filter and a cotton cloth to remove any dirt and pollutants from the grill underneath.

  • Your Ceiling Fans Need You

You must give your ceiling fans a good wipe every week or two. This is going to prolong the efficiency of your ceiling fans. If you have any table fans, make sure to clean them up with a bit of spirit using a soft cotton cloth. These fans do tend to accumulate a lot of stubborn dirt on their wings. So yes, you will have to give them a little bit more attention.

Note: Remember, the weather here is tropical. Therefore, if you are looking to invest in any type of Costa Rica Real Estate, do note that the average temperatures range between 72 and 82° F. The northwest region is as hot as it is beautiful. The dry season is February through May. This is the best time to take any preventive measures to protect your property, possessions, and expensive pieces.

  • Remember To Check The Smoke Alarm

All your smoke alarms must be functional at all times throughout the year. Make sure to check them at least twice a year to maintain everyone’s safety. You should do this as a priority regardless of what type or size of property you own.

  • Taking Care Of Your Furniture Pieces

Taking care of your furniture pieces is a critical job. It should be done by somebody who has invested not only money but love in these furniture pieces. This means you. Get a hold of the right spirits, paints, and polishes to maintain their beauty and strength.

  • Metal And Rust Are A Bad Combination

Remember? You live in a beach house. Metal and rust are going to be your biggest nightmares. It is not easy to get rust-resistant metals to work for you because not many of them are as beautiful as an authentic wrought iron piece. Nonetheless, you can still invest in a decent collection of paints and polishes to retouch your metal surfaces as and when required.

  • Looking Out For Your Windows

Your windows are going to require a lot of effort if you want to keep them beautiful. You have invested in probably one of the most beautiful locations in Costa Rica but the only way to enjoy the view is to keep your windows neat and clean. Say goodbye to all the dirt, remove the spider webs, replace or repair those broken hinges. Choose a brand new window treatment if you want. Just make sure that your windows look beautiful to look at and to look through.

  1. Would, Wonderful Wood

How are you going to maintain all the wooden objects across your beach house? If you have a coastal home, salt erosion and water problems will be two of your biggest enemies. You must protect your wooden doors and windows from getting corroded over time. Invest in the right paints, varnishes, and polishes to make sure that they stay beautiful and glossy throughout the year.

  1. Say Goodbye To Mold And Mildew

Remember, a quick assessment of your property for water damage is also going to help you prevent any mold and mildew formation in the long run. This could happen on your walls, on your bed, the expensive furniture pieces, and antiques, your cupboards, cabinets, carpets, and probably anywhere you can imagine. This is not a good sign. Remember to invest in anti-mold and antifungal cleaning solutions because they are your best bet.

  1. Sun Damage Is A Big No-No

You must also protect your property from sun damage. If you have any outdoor furniture pieces, you must coat them with an extra layer of furniture protection to prevent them from fading and developing cracks in the long run.

Finally, It’s A Deal

You have the tips and the time. Don’t delay it any further. Your beach house needs you now more than ever before. It is time to make those changes. It is time to reinstate your house to its former beauty. Only a matter of time when it fetches you a great profit!

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