10 Small House Interior Design Ideas

Designing a small house isn’t an easy job, especially when space is your concern. To enhance the space of the house, you have to keep it minimalist or subtle which creates efficiency and simplicity. 

If you love going with trends, you can keep it Victorian or bohemian. You have to be smart while shortlisting ideas, to make your house look spacious and elegant. 

We decided to come up with 10 small house interior design ideas that will help you design the house of your dreams.

Additionally, we’ve curated a list of hacks that you can keep in mind before modifying your house.

#1. Brighten Up

The brighter the walls, the more it will make a room appear larger. It makes no sense to keep the walls darker, especially when you want your house to look bigger. 

You can keep your kitchen bright to make it look more spacious. The reason why most people reach for the white walls is to make the house look subtle and spacious.

#2. Choose Furniture that Fits into your Space

Bulky sofas make the room look compact and packed. Choose furniture that fits into your space to make the room feel more airy and spacious. 

Also, if you have enough space, then don’t keep the furniture against the wall, as it will look messier and won’t give you a roomy feeling.

#3. Bespoke Furniture

Less storage is perhaps one of the challenges faced in a small house. Nevertheless, we suggest you keep bespoke furniture to increase the storage. 

If you’re getting your house or apartment tailored made, it’s the best opportunity to take advantage of it by creating more space. 

If you have kids, then bunk beds are the best and most important part of the architecture of a house. The shelving alcoves cover great storage for stuffing personal items.

#4. Fold-Out Furniture

It’s essential to keep this kind of furniture in the house so that you can fold it up and put it away when it’s not in use. 

The best part is, it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is perfect for homeworkers to wind up their office work and store it away.

#5. Glass Coffee Tables

Transparent furniture creates an illusion of a larger space, making it look airier. If you love vintage collections of glass coffee tables, then you can get a variety of options online at decent prices. There’s a website called Vinterior that offers amazing vintage glass coffee tables.

#6. Extendable Dining Tables

The folding and extendable dining tables are best for providing flexibility in a small house, as they can easily be folded when needed for a transformation in the house. 

If you’re gravitated towards getting a vintage table, then there are many options available in the second-hand market to get the best one.

#7. Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are ideal for people who love to add greenery to their houses. It makes your house more peaceful and lively. 

Also, it fills up the empty spaces and can be put on windowsills or living areas.

#8. Don’t Overlook Vertical Space

Explore the vertical spaces, and see if something works best. Based on exploration, you can design a vertical design plan for your space.

For instance, you can use elongated windows on the ceiling to make it look tall. 

Besides, it will also penetrate natural light into your room, and you can use long curtains to create the illusion of space and make the room look more expansive.

Cabinets in the kitchen are essential for storage. Therefore, you can use these storage cabinets for storing items such as groceries.

#9. Go With The Right Colour Scheme

Go with colours which are neutral or cool tones or natural colours like beige or white. It creates the illusion of space. 

White can literally enhance the texture of a room, making it look more expansive and rich. 

Don’t fill up the room completely with white colour designs. Throw in some warm and vibrant colours to balance off and enrich the appearance of the room.

#10. Utilize The Room Dividers

Often, small house owners complain about their floor space as they don’t get enough floor space, which makes it difficult to accommodate guests. 

Get room dividers. They can actually help to create the illusion of division of a separate room, dining area, or home office. 

Be creative and utilize it with room dividers to transform that space into a changing space, a reading den, a study room, or a home office, or a guest room. 

After the transformation, you can add the bed against the wall and it will be perfectly curated into a room.

Interior Design Hacks

Wall to Wall Dining Area

If you have a small house and are worried about the dining space, don’t worry. You can still have your desired dining table for your dining space. 

Find a corner with a wall for the dining table and make sure your table and chairs or couch stick to the walls. 

This way, you can utilise all the available space without looking clumsy and compact. To add a rich look to the space, you can go for a lush couch or chairs. 

Also, you can install some spotlights and add wall art to make it look more alluring and grand.

Wall Mounts and Two-Seater Couches

If you have a small living room, to make the most of it, you can get a two-seater couch and can accompany it with some wooden stools or rocking chairs. Get a cute rug. 

This will define the structure and details of the room to make it look more chic and elegant. 

It will definitely make the room look more spacious, and it will be easy to accommodate your friends for brunch. To complete the theme, add the wall mounts. They won’t occupy the space, making it look airy and roomy.

Storage Beds

Storage beds are the best way to accommodate all your suitcases, shoes or clothes that don’t fit in your closet. 

You can make the most of space by getting them. Regardless of the size of the room, these beds are always a great option to utilize the space more optimally.

Maximize Art

An important thing to keep in mind while designing your small house is to maximize the furniture. Instead of going with bulky or larger furniture, opt for smaller ones to add more space to the room. 

Just a combination of a subtle cosy couch with a rug and centre table will add the aesthetics and space. 

Go with maximising the art on the wall and the floor to occupy the empty spaces. This won’t make your room look compact. 

In fact, it will make it look more creative and will completely change the vibe of your living space. 

Additionally, you can go with some pendant lamps and hanging plants to make it look more elegant. 

Utilize The Corners

Going with the cupboards won’t make our house look spacious, instead, it will shrink the size of the room, making it more compact. 

Make the most of the corners by adding armchairs or swings. Throw an aesthetic-looking rug to add cosy vibes which will lighten up the aura of the room.

Wall of Memories

If you’re redecorating on a budget, then it’s best to add family photos on the walls instead of expensive artwork. 

If you have a cabinet installed then use the lower half of the wall to decorate it with your beautiful memories. 

It will enrich the look of the wall, whenever you see them all, it will take you down memory lane to cherish those memories.

Don’t Go With Small Windows

To minimize the decor of the house and to bring in more space, substitute your small windows with large French windows. It will make the space grand and will bring in nature.

Keep It Simple

Don’t fill up the space with furniture or the ceiling. It makes it look smaller and piled up. 

Keep it subtle and simple. Instead of adding chandeliers everywhere, replace them with wooden panels and lampshades. 

The Takeaway

Minimalists advocate keeping the room minimal and innovative, enhancing the aesthetics and space of your small house. You always don’t have to chase expensive items to utilise the space. 

Sometimes a few DIY’s can add a personal touch to the overall space making it look elegant. Go with designing your small house plan based on your budget. 

Instead of hitting the shopping malls or expensive stores, initially browse online and visit your nearby thrift stores and remember to bargain. 

Don’t underestimate up-cycling. It can transform your home to another level. 

Always keep in mind that however you want to transform your house, it must satisfy you and should make you feel warm and happy.

I hope these hacks and tips will help you design your small house into your dream house.

What’s your idea for designing your small house and why? Tell us in the comments section below!

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